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Welcome to the Edison Media Center!
Check these books out!



We're here to help you be a successful student!

The Edison Media Center is a beautifully renovated space that supports students, faculty and families. We strive to support the curriculum, meet the information needs of all Tommies, and encourage reading. We have a great selection of books and strive to help everyone be successful in research, writing and technology projects.

The Edison Media Center is open from 7:50 am - 3:00 pm, Monday-Friday. Resources available to help Tommies and their teachers be great thinkers, writers, and inquirers include books, online databases, computers and a quiet environment to focus on academic pursuits.

Students may stop by before or after school or with a pass from their teacher.


Media Center after school:  able to use computers, quiet spaces, online tools and books

Daily Hours: 7:50 - 3

Afterschool Hours: 3-4 Monday - Thursday  

Mrs. Spencer, Media Specialist School Librarian:
612-668-1328 Media Center Library

Edison Media Center
Book Checkout and Obligations