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Edison Memorial Scholarship Foundation Application Process


EDISON  MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP application deadline: Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 4:00 PM

To complete the EDISON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP application – Click on the links at the bottom of this page. You will find these documents:

  • A request for a letter of recommendation from teachers. Give the teachers at least two weeks to write your recommendation letters. If you have not talked to any teachers yet, do that as soon as possible.
  • A checklist that you should print out and use to gather all the information you will need for the on-line portion of your application.
  • A cover sheet that you will need to turn in. Print this out, complete it and turn it in when you have completed all parts of your application.
  • A sample resume. You can use this or design your own.
  • A page outlining the essay topics for writing your TWO essays.
  • And a printed version of these directions
  • Please note: All these files (except the Resume) are READ-ONLY and protected so that you may not change them. So just print them out and write on them. The Resume file you may make changes to, but be sure to save it to your own DOCUMENTS folder and not to the group folder.

Here are the steps to apply for Edison Scholarships successfully:

1. Write your essays.

  • Make sure you have an English teacher or ELL teacher proof read them. You do not want to turn in things with spelling or grammatical errors.

2. Complete your Resume.

3. Enter your application information using the online Google Form

  • Go to: Edison Memorial Scholarship Online Application
    • You must log in to the MPS system first. 
    • If you get a message that says, "You need permission", that means you aren't yet logged into the MPS system.
    • To log into the MPS system you must go to Students>online resources>Google Docs
  • You can save and come back to your application. Remember, with Google Docs, all your work automatically saves. You do not need to select a "save button." The application should take no more than 35 to 40 minutes to complete.
  • Make sure you have placed your completed essays and resume in the Edison Scholarship Committee Google Folder you created and shared with the Edison Scholarship Committee (log in using your MPS username and password and share with the Edison Scholarship Committee See directions below in the PDF document titled: "Google Docs Sharing Instructions"
  • The on-line application will be turned off Wednesday, September 28th at 4 p.m. ANY APPLICATIONS NOT COMPLETED BY THAT TIME WILL BE LOST.

4. Complete the Cover/Verification Sheet. Bring your Cover/Verification Sheet  to either Mr. Iacarella, Ms. Nora, or Dr. Hypolite to verify that all parts of your application have been received.

If you have any questions, see any of the following people (before or after school, not during class):

Mr. Iacarella, room 331

Ms. Nora, room 219

Mr. Strand, room 211

Dr. Hypolite, room 327

Ms. Streitz, room 204

All the files below (except the Resume file) are READ-ONLY and protected so that you may not change them. When it asks for a password, just click the READ-ONLY button, they will open up and then just print them out and write on them. The Resume file you may make changes to, but be sure to save it to the Google Docs folder shared with you from the Edison Scholarship Committee folder and not to another school/class folder.

ALL of these forms are also available in the CCC – Rm.219