Edison High School Tennis
The 2008 Tennis Team

Welcome to Edison Tennis! Home of the Tommies! Here you can get information about the high school girls and boys tennis team, feeder programs in NE and off-season tennis opportunities.

Edison and Mandy (the coach) are a member of USTA. We are a no-cut team, anyone who comes out for Edison tennis, will be able to play.


Find us on facebook: search under Edison Tommies Tennis

For the Edison tennis feeder programs (tennis for kids) instruction is taught using the method of Quick-Start tennis promoted by the USTA.

Off-season Tennis

Click here to view Off Season Tennis Opportunities.  Though there is snow on the ground, you can still get involved in tennis. Reed Sweatt Tennis Center (aka Nicollet) gives free, FREE, lessons on Saturdays.

Tennis for Kids in Northeast

Tennis lessons will be held at Waite Park and NE Park tennis courts. The Upper NE parks are excited to offer tennis lessons for the upcoming summer. All lessons are taught by Mandy Larson, Head Girl’s tennis coach from Edison High school. Instruction is taught by using the USTA popular program of Quickstart Tennis. Children will learn the basics of tennis using equipment that is geared for them while developing a love for the game.

High School Tennis

Girls season is just getting underway.  We practice everyday at NE Park from 4-6 in the summer and 3:30-5:00 when school is in session.  Join us on facebook at Edison Tommies Tennis to see up to date posts and happenings.