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Ms. Berceau's webpage
Ms. Berceau
Ms. Berceau

2015-2016 Courses
Advanced Algebra
Intermediate Algebra

Contact Information
Phone: 612-668-1300
Room: 305

About Me
Ms. Berceau has a BA in Mathematics with a specialization in Education, as well as minor degrees in Youth Studies and Social Justice from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. She also has a Masters in Mathematics Education from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.

Ms. Berceau believes that everyone has the potential to learn math at a high level. She believes that learning is about growth and improvement rather than achievement.


Ms. Berceau is passionate about pop music, her cats, and social justice.

1st: Advanced Algebra (305)

2nd:Advanced Algebra (305)

3rd: Advanced Algebra (305)

4th/5th/all lunches: Teacher Prep (305)

6th: Advanced Algebra (305)

7th: Academic Seminar (304)