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Edison Student Activities Fundraising Opportunities
Marching Band

The Edison Activity Council hopes to empower student groups and help make it easier for them to fundraise, support each other, and remove barriers to success. We hope to encourage the sharing of fundraising opportunities among a wide variety of student activities.

2nd Annual Soup Wars!

Sunday, February 11, 4-7 pm @ 56 Brewing (3055 NE Columbia Ave.) An easy way to raise money for teams/clubs and build community.

  1. Make soup for the event (3 soups per club) (teams/clubs get a split of the door revenue for participating. No chili, six quarts, bring ladle and recipe for entry in 1st annual cookbook) Prizes for soup = $100 - 1st place, $75 - 2nd place, $50 - 3rd place. In addition to cash prizes, there will be a surprise gift and 1st annual soup war cookbook special recognition for each winner.
  2. One wine barrell raffle and one whiskey barrell raffle (tickets $5/each)
  3. Gather items for the Silent Auction - teams/clubs receive 97% of the $$$ raised from their items
  4. Create a team donation box for the event - teams/clubs receive 100% of the $$$ donated to their box

To buy tickets, click HERE.


  • Cub Foods Grocery Bagging  -  Throughout the year, teams/clubs bag groceries at the Quarry Cub Foods. Any tips collected benefit the student organization. Please read our Bagging Guidlines for more information.

Upcoming Cub Foods Bagging Opportunities
Date/Time Student Group
Saturday, April 15, 11-3 Football
Saturday, April 15, 3-7 Nat. Honor Society
Saturday, May 27, 11-3 Tennis
Saturday, May 27, 3-7 Band
Friday, June 30, 11-3 Softball
Friday, June 30, 3-7 Football
Saturday, September 2, 11-3 Baseball
Saturday, September 2, 3-7 Wrestling
Sunday, September 3, 11-3 Boys Basketball
Sunday, September 3, 3-7 Girls Soccer
Monday, September 4, 11-3 Boys Soccer
Saturday, September 9, 11-3 Volleyball
Saturday, September 9, 3-7 Band
Sunday, September 10, 11-3 Baseball
Sunday, September 10, 3-7 Boys Basketball
  • Thank you to the over 100 Edison students, staff and community members who volunteered to take part in the Celebrate Northeast Parade on Tuesday, June 20, 2017. You helped us raise $1,600 for various teams and clubs at Edison!
Boys Soccer Bagging at Cub