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Edison Student Activities Fundraising Opportunities
Marching Band

The Edison Activity Council hopes to empower student groups and help make it easier for them to fundraise, support each other, and remove barriers to success. We hope to encourage the sharing of fundraising opportunities among a wide variety of student activities.

  • Cub Foods Grocery Bagging  -  Throughout the year, teams/clubs bag groceries at the Quarry Cub Foods. Any tips collected benefit the student organization. Please read our Bagging Guidlines for more information.

Upcoming 2018 Cub Foods Bagging Opportunities
Date/Time Student Group
Sunday, March 18, 10 am Baseball
Sunday, March 18, 2 pm Band
Saturday, March 31, 10 am Tennis
Saturday, March 31, 2 pm French Club


Boys Soccer Bagging at Cub