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Edison Activity Council

The Edison Activity Council supports activities within Edison High School and the development of youth in the surrounding community. ​The mission of the group is to foster a community of local supporters, coaches/advisors, students, and their parents who support and encourage one another in the maintenance of activities, increasing participation and excellence in the Edison community.

The Edison Activity Council is designed to support student clubs, organizations and athletic teams at Edison High School in order to foster a successful community of student participation. The group has 501c3 status and will act as a fiscal agent for any Edison organization to support group fundraising.

Officers contact information:
Chair: Greg Oliver
Vice-Chair: Tammy Rusnacko
Treasurer: Patrick Arneson

Meeting Dates:
The Edison Activity Council generally meets the first Wednesday of the month at 6:00 in Room 104. Follow the school calendar for meeting dates.

All our students appreciate parent and community attendance and support at their activities!