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During the millennium after 300 CE, significant changes occurred across Afroeurasia. Large 
states such as the Roman empire in the Mediterranean region collapsed. Large, multi-ethnic
states, such as the Arab empire formed and reformed. Throughout this period, invasions,
migrations, and state-building activities strengthened and extended contacts among people
in different parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe.  This increased interaction stimulated the exchange of goods and ideasover long distances. By the end of the Middle Ages an interconnected system of commercial and
cultural interchange extended across most of Afroeurasia.

November 21

I can explain how the Byzantine Empire rose following the Roman Empire.

V 1-8

SA 1

November 22

I can outline the key elements of Byzantine Christianity.

V 9-17

SA 1


November 23

No School

November 24

No School

November 25

No School

November 28

I can analyze the spread of Islam and trace its spread chronologically and regionally. 

V 18-19

SA 2

November 29

I can relate the spread of Islam to historical events and processes.

V 20-22


November 30

I can explore the Crusades and what effect they had on the people in Europe and the Holy Lands. 

V 23-25

SA 3

December 1

I can identify calamities and recoveries based on a “point of view.”

V 26


December 2

I can explain what feudalism is and how it worked.

V 27-35

SA 4

December 5

I can identify major effects of the Black Death and infer how people responded to the Black Death.

V 36-43

SA 5

December 6

I can describe the Hundred Years War and why it was significant.

V 44-46

SA 6

December 7

I can analyze the Renaissance and infer why it started in Italy.

V 47

SA 7


December 8

I can explain the reasons for the Reformation and discuss the differences between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.

V 48-50

SA 8

December 9

I can describe the changing relationship between church and state in Europe. 

V 51-54

SA 8

December 12

Unit Exam Prep

December 13

Unit Exam

December 14

Unit Exam

December 15

Final Exam Prep

December 16

Final Exam


Prezi Lecture Notes


PDF Text Section on the Spread of Islam   --  Note the vocab on our assignment is a limited amount in comparison to the text. Please use the text to provide us with overall structure.
document Unit Vocab Resource   --  This will be updated progressively throughout the unit.
PDF Byzantine Empire Text Section   --  Note the vocab on our assignment is a limited amount in comparison to the text. Please use the text to provide us with overall structure
document Daily Unit Questions   --  Due Monday December 12th.
video Analyze the Spread of Islam   --  Utilize this tool to help synthesize your response to Short Answer #2.
video What is Feudalism and how does it work?   --  Use to help complete short answer number #4.