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Greeks and Romans

The following unit will focus on two of the greatest empires in the history of our world - Greece and Rome. The beginning of the unit will study the origins of ancient Greece, Greek culture, and will include the influence of Julius Caesar, Caesar Augustus and Alexander the Great. The unit finishes with a detailed look into the development of the Roman Empire, the emergence Christianity and its spread, and an examination of the decline and fall of the empire.  Below is our unit essential question and calendar detailing each day throughout the unit.

Unit Essential Question
 How did Greece and Rome contribute to the development of the western civilization?

October 17

I can describe Greek monarchy, oligarchy, and democracy using representative city-states like Athens and Sparta.

V 1-3


October 18

I can list the causes and effects of the Peloponnesian Wars.

V 4-8

SA 3



October 24

I can identify key philosophical ideas and  developments of the Greek culture.

V 9-16

SA 4

October 25

I can compare and contrast the way Rome’s government under the republic and the empire affected the daily life of the people.

V 17-23

SA 5

October 26

I can explain how Rome succeeded in expanding in Italy and developing its Mediterranean empire.

V 24-30

SA 5


October 27

I can explain how Christianity began and how the early Christian Church developed.

V 31-33

SA 7


October 28

I can analyze and evaluate the economic, social, political, and military problems that led to the fall of Rome.

V 34-36

SA 6

October 31

Unit Review.

November 1

Unit Exam

November 2

Unit Exam

November 7

November 8


November 10

Radiolab Archeological Study of Sport

Unit Prezi**Will have to scroll through prezi or slide to the Mediteranean to view the "Greeks and Romans" information. 

PDF Ancient Greece Printable   --  If you would like to print the notes, this is one quick/good option.
document Study Guide Greeks and Romans   --  Not a homework assignment, but a good idea of what to study for the test. One point of extra credit will be given for using this tool.
document Jeopardy Review   --  Great tool to study from!