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December 4

I can categorize the 27 Amendments to the Constitution.


December 5

I can state the role of the Supreme Court in the American Constitutional System. 

December 6

I can summarize Judicial Review.

Judicial Branch


December 7

I can evaluate the importance of precedent as it relates to Judicial Review.


December 8

I can summarize how the Supreme Court has interpreted freedom of expression.


December 11

I can describe the limits the Supreme Court has placed on mass media.


December 12

Front Lab in Media Center

December 13

I can explain the Constitutions guarantees of assembly and petition. 


December 14

Front Lab in Media Center

December 15

Supreme Court Presentation

December 18

Supreme Court Presentation

     December 19
Final Exam Prep

December 20

Final Exam Prep

December 21

Final Exam

December 22

Final Exam


Quizlet Vocab

Judicial Branch Prezi

The Political Thicket: Baker vs. Carr

video Annotated Bibliography and Notecard Research   --  If you are confused or need an example of how to complete an annotated bibliography and notecards, please watch the video. Remember the research component (annotated bibliography/notecards) is worth half of this project.