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Andrew Lyman-Buttler

Contact info:

School phone: (612)668-1300 (main office) or (612)692-1801 x21801 (direct voicemail)
Room 328

Agenda of lessons:

Here's a schedule of what we're doing every day of the quarter.

Extra help/tutoring availability:

  • After school: Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Advisory: any day except Tuesdays (grade check day)

Teaching schedule:

1: Chemistry
2: Chemistry
3: Chemistry
4: Chemistry
5: Prep
6: Prep
7: IB Biology HL Year 1

Class website: (MPS login required)

I will post all notes, assignments, and lab activities here, as well as a copy of my syllabus and a complete agenda of lessons, due dates, and required readings for every unit. All quizzes and tests are completed online through this site, and may be retaken an unlimited number of times for an improved grade. If your student is ever absent from class, they can find what they missed here. Students may log in with their MPS Google account.

The 2016-2017 school year is my ninth year of teaching high school science, and my fourth at Edison. I have taught general biology, AP and IB Biology, chemistry, biotechnology, and debate. I’m incredibly passionate about science and I try to convey that to my students every day by making class fun and engaging. My academic interests include curriculum design and the mechanisms of health and disease. I’m a proud Northeast resident—I’ve lived in Audubon Park since 2009, and in Minneapolis since 2001. Edison is my community school and I feel very fortunate to be a part of it! I like bike touring, hiking, and camping. I served 13 years in the Army Reserve and Minnesota National Guard.