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Mr. Baum 包老师 bāo lǎo shī
Mr. Baum, his wife, and his dog
Mr. Baum, his wife, and his dog
Contact Information
Cell: 785-393-9401
In-buidling Extension: 34027/34019
Room: 113/105

I received my Master’s in Education from the University of Minnesota and my Bachelor of Arts in Chinese and International Relations from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  I earned certificates in Chinese studies from Princeton University and Peking University in Beijing, China. 
Before coming to teaching, I lived in China, where I worked for an international company that specializes in semiconductor research.  Through my work and education experiences, I am able to incorporate a wealth of knowledge of the Chinese language, as well as Chinese business and culture, into my Chinese classes.
1st - IT Duties (Email to set up meeting)
2nd - IT Duties (Email to set up meeting)
Advisory - IT Duties (Email to set up meeting)
3rd - Chinese 1 (Room 113)
4th - Web Design (Room 129)
5th - IB Chinese (Room 105)
6th - Chinese 2 (Room 105)
7th - IT Duties (Email to set up meeting)
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