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February 2

I can describe different shapes of states. 

SA 1

V 1-3

February 3

I can list and give an example of the different types of states.

SA 2


February 4

I can define sovereignty. 

SA 3

V 11

February 5

I can compare and contrast Nationalism and Supernationalism.

SA 4

V 12-13

February 6

I can debate nationalism as a positive and negative concept.

SA 4

V 12-13

February 9

I can define Imperialism. 

V 14

February 10

I can infer why big nations would take over smaller nations. 

SA 5

V 15-19

February 11

I can analyze the economic motive of imperialism. 

V 20-24

February 12

I can analyze the military motive of imperialism. 


February 13

No School

February 16

No School

February 17

I can analyze the political motive of imperialism.

V 25

February 18

I can analyze the cultural motive of imperialism. 

SA 6

February 19

I can examine the effects of imperialism. 


February 20

I can discuss modern example of imperialism. 

Quizlet Vocabulary


document Unit Homework Assignment   --  Due Wednesday February 18th.