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Principal Update 9-8-17


The 2017-18 school year has begun and Thomas Edison High School is thriving!  Enrollment is climbing every day; currently we are home to 977 young scholars.  We are pleased to have a cohort of students from Northeast Middle School joining us each day for Concert Band and Geometry.  New courses like Broadcast Journalism, LEAF Biology, IB Sports and Exercise Science and Art as a Profession are up and running, building on our mission that “all students will graduate with the skills necessary to excel in their post-secondary aspirations.”
In our first 2 weeks of school, we are focused on teaching our key school-wide expectations.  They are:

  • Professional language: We are all expected to use school-appropriate language at school; staff will support/demonstrate using appropriate language. 
  • Passes: With teacher permission, you may use a 2 minute class pass.  Teachers may provide a written Tommie pass if needed.  Passes are not granted during the first or last 10 minutes of class.  All students must always have a pass in the halls and be ready to present it if asked. 
  • Cell phones: With teacher permission, you may use cell phones for academic purposes.  If you use a cell phone without permission, you will: 1st-Be reminded to put your phone away; 2nd-Give phone to your teacher until the end of the hour; 3rd-Give your phone to a school Dean until the end of the day. 
  • Attendance: Remember that academic success and regular, on time attendance are strongly connected.  In support of your success, you are expected to attend all classes, be on time to every class and remain in class until the end of the hour.

Please check in with your student to ask them how they are doing in regards to understanding and following these school-wide expectations. 
We hope that you will regularly check our website and Facebook page to keep up to date on all of the great things happening at Edison.  Our student handbook can be found on the website (it is being reviewed with students in Advisory this week); the website is also home to our 2017-18 calendar and links to teacher pages. 
We look forward to continued success at Thomas Edison High School; thank you for choosing Edison!

Eryn Warne


Edison High School

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