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Sarah Streitz

Credit Recovery (Periods 2 and 3)

Math Concepts (Periods 5 and 7)

IB SL1 (Precalculus)

Teacher: Ms. Streitz

Room: 204

Voicemail: 612-692-0292

E-mail Address: (preferred method of communication)

We are committed to holding each of our students to the highest expectations and providing the necessary support so that they can be successful in meeting all of the learning targets.  Support includes:

•      Providing regular feedback on work so that each student knows what he/she is and is not understanding

•      Explaining things more than one way

•      Staying after school every Tuesday to offer extra help and being willing to schedule additional days either before or after school as needed as well as during academic lab.

•      Encouraging a growth mindset which leads to a desire to learn and a tendency to embrace challenges and persist in the face of setbacks

You can help your student be successful in math class by:

•       Asking them each day to explain to you what we did in class.  If they cannot explain it to you, they might not understand it and should seek help.

•       Encouraging your student to call/get together with other students to do math homework.  Expect him/her to have math homework every day Monday through Thursday.

•       Suggesting your student email us to get classwork and/or schedule a time to meet if he/she is absent from class.

•       Reinforcing that being smart at math isn’t about being the fastest…it’s about working hard and accepting that mistakes make us smarter!

Please email us anytime with questions or concerns.  Thanks for your support!