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Unit One Calendar


August 25

Day One Introductions

August 26

Syllabus/ Pre-Assessment

August 27

Thinking Geographically, Top of the Food Chain

August 28

Five Themes of Geography, Location, Place,

August 29

Five Themes of Geography, Human Interaction, Movement, Region

September 1

No School/Labor Day

September 2

Maps, Cartography, Purposes, Parts, Types, Elements, Problems, Projection, Distortion

September 3

Mapping Technologies, GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing,

September 4

Geographic Case Study

September 5

Geographic Case Study

September 8

Geographic Case Study Presentations

September 9

Geographic Perspective, Spatial, Local, Global, Geographic Thinking Skills,

September 10

The Physical World, Sphere, Hydro, Atmo, Lithos Bio, Earths Structure, Core, Mantle, Crust, Drifts, Tectonics, Magma,

September 11

Subduction, Faults, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Wearthering, Erosion, Climate

September 12

Return and Discuss Case Studies.  Hand out Study Guides

September 15

The Water Cycle, Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Salt Water, Desalination, Groundwater, Aquifers

September 16

Exam Review

September 17

Unit One Exam

September 18

Unit Two Day One

September 19


United States of Franks: A Guide to Regional Hot Dogs

Top of Food Chain 

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