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The Guidance Counseling Department at Thomas Edison High School works with each student to help prepare a four-year program that leads them toward high school graduation and prepares them for post-high school education.

A variety of individual and classroom activities (including assessment) will be available to help students explore interests, abilities, and post-high school options.

Information is provided to students and families through meetings, bulletins, and individual and group sessions. Activities are designed developmentally by grade level. The Guidance Counseling Department also offers support and guidance for personal, family, or school concerns.

  • In the classroom and personally, counselors can help you:
  • Learn about high school requirements and how to succeed in high school.
  • Learn about yourself and what careers you want to explore and the education they require.
  • Learn how to choose and apply for schools after high school.
  • Resolve personal, social and school-related problems.

Counselors are available in Room 101. 

Career & College Center is in Room 219


PDF Prep Me Name Share Notification   --  Prep Me is a free online test preparation program for the PSAT & ACT. It is available free to Edison students through their Naviance accounts.