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Mathematics Department

Thomas Edison High School Math Department

The Edison High School Math Department is a group of professionals who are:

  • Caring, Aware and Responsive
  • Learners
  • Planned
  • Aligned and Consistent
  • Reflective

So that our students can maximize educational opportunities by:

  • Accessing and managing resources
  • Considering several strategies and solutions
  • Reading, writing and talking about math


We look forward to meetin you online for distance learning.  Monday is the dedicated math day.


document MYP Mathematics Curriculum   --  An overview of MYP units for mathematics
Other Activities

The Math Deparment also supports several extra-curricular activities.



Course Offerings

Learn more about the mathematics courses that we offer.

Office Hours for Distance Learning

Need help? Here are office hours for our Math Teachers.  You can connect with any math teachers, but starting with your math teacher is best.  There are also EL and Special Education Math Teachers to support.

Ms. Sarah Gregg, the Math Specialist. is avaiable and can help with any level of mathematics as well.