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Sarah Gregg, Math Specialist and Teacher
Ms. Gregg
Ms. Gregg

Dear Students,

Welcome to my webpage!  This will be my ninth year as a math teacher at Edison High School.  I love teaching math because it has so many patterns.  Math is great because it makes me practice reasoning in a logical order.  A lot of people think math is great because there is always a correct answer, but I love math because of all the different possibilities!

As a Math Specialist, I help your support your teachers in becoming the best teachers they can be.  I can help you if you have questions about your math placement, what classes to take for your post-secondary plans, or if you need help with other math-related questions.  Stop by 204 and let's figure it out.

My favorite things to do outside of school are to spend time with my family, hang out at our cabin, swim with my dog Lu, and collect stamps.  I look forward to learning more about you in school!

Ms. Gregg

Room 204

Course Schedule:

Advisory: Math Lab and Peer Tutors, 204

3rd Hour: MCTC Applied Intermediate Algebra, 204

4th Hour: MCTC Applied Intermediate Algebra, 204

About Ms. Gregg

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Applied Intermediate Algebra

This is a concurrent enrollment course with Edison High School and MCTC.

Strong emphasis is placed on application of algebra and especially on current uses of function models (linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, radical, logarithmic and exponential).  The relationship among data, graphs and functions is thoroughly explored.  Translating statements and questions from English into mathematics, answering those questions using algebraic procedures and then stating the results again in English will also be discussed in depth.  Only symbolic manipulations that have immediate applications will be studied.


This is a concurrent enrollment course with Edison High School and MCTC.

This course is designed to increase students’ success in college by assisting them in obtaining life and academic skills necessary to reach their educational objectives. Topics include college requirements and expectations, academic and career goal-setting, time planning, stress management, communication skills, learning styles and an overview of study skills.  You will establish specific goals related to your career and/or major choice.

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