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Information for Seniors

Senior To Do List & Important Dates

  • Complete a Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) application. There are paper copies in room 102 or use the link: If you qualify for CEP, you also qualify to for fee waivers. Do not pay college application fees or for the ACT test or SAT test, if you qualify for waivers.
  • Each year, most seniors will register and take the October ACT Test at  The regular registration deadline for the October ACT is in mid-September.  If students do not register by the deadline, they will need to pay a late fee to register for the October test.  All students should take the ACT Plus Writing Test at least once.  
  • Visit with your counselor and (1) complete a credit check & (2) discuss plans after high school
  • If needed, register for Credit Makeup.  Online Credit Recovery classes are available in mid-September.  Students need to (1) see their counselor to be designated the correct courses and (2) see the ALC Coordinator to take the entrance test to the course and receive instructions for how to complete the course.  Students can complete the class after school in the Media Center or from another location.  Completing the classes from home is ok also.  The website:  Compass Learning
  • Changing Email Addresses on Naviance - Login to your Naviance account and make sure your email address is listed correctly under - the "About Me" Tab - (scroll down - left side) "Profile" - (scroll down - right side) Your email address on file will be listed.  Click the pencil icon to change the email address listed.  Please check your email daily.
  • Study for the ACT, SAT, and/or Accuplacer college placement tests - see link to right
  • Research colleges - Use Naviance & begin applying - Use the Common Application or apply at the school's website - see links to the right
  • After applying for a college, order a transcript to be sent to the school through Naviance.  Login to your Naviance account - click the Colleges Tab - Click on "Transcripts" -  Click "Request transcript for My college applications" -  Use the Look Up tool to find the college/university -  click "Request Transcript."  Your application will not be complete without a transcript. Unofficial ACT scores can be sent with the transcript.  Schools that need official scores sent from ACT directly are:  University of Wisconsin schools (including Madison & others), Winona State University, University of California schools, and other out of state schools.  See the college/university's web site to determine if they require official scores sent from ACT or if they will accept them, if they are sent from the high school.
  • Do Not Pay - to apply for scholarships, for scholarship searches, or to fill out the FAFSA.  We will help you with this for free.  Also, many students do not need to pay for the ACT or application fees to many colleges.  There are many scams out there.  Be careful.
  • College Admissions representatives will be scheduled to for student visits in the CCC Lab in room 219.  Their intention is to give interested students more information about their schools and assist in the application process. If you are interested in the school, take advantage of the opportunity to meet with them while they are at Edison.  See the calendar on Naviance.  You must register online for the visit, get a pass from Ms. Guerin in room 219, and have it signed by your classroom teacher, excusing you to attend the visit.
  • Each year, The National College Fair has been at the Minneapolis Convention Center in October.  The event is free.  There will be hundreds of schools at the event meeting with students and presenting information. 
  • Visit college websites of the schools you are interested in.  Does the school offer a program in the area that you are interested in?  You want to go to a school that offers a degree in your field.  Check into it.
  • Also check the Counseling Office website for updates.  It also has the Edison School Profile which lists school address and other information for scholarships.  Some scholarships want this information included with the application.
  • Update your resume.  You will need it for the Edison Scholarship and other college, university & scholarship applications.  There are 2 sample resume Word files at the bottom of this page you may use as templates for your resume. 
  • Begin writing and revising your essays for the Edison Scholarship.  The scholarship will be due in late September or early October. The exact date is TBD.  The sooner you are done with this, the less stressed you will be.  Please don't wait until the last day and last minute to do this.  You will need to write 2 essays.  These essays will count for your Capstone Project of The My Life Plan and the essays will be reused for many scholarship and college applications in the future.  Writing them now saves you time in the future.  Click on the Edison Scholarship link above for the essay questions and more information. 
  • If you decide to write about the "My Life's Challenge" Essay, write about what happened, how it was resolved and what you learned from the experience.
  • Request letters of recommendation from your teachers early (September).  You will need 2 letters of recommendation for the Edison Scholarship. There is a form that needs to be filled out and given to the teacher when you request the letter.  It is also very helpful to give the teacher a copy of your resume at the time of requesting because it gives the teacher more information to write about.  If a teacher will not write you a letter of recommendation, for one reason or another, just ask a different teacher.  You can use teachers from 9th - 12th grade but the teachers from 9th - 11th maybe know you better.  Your 12th grade teachers have only known you for about 3-5 weeks.  The letters of recommendation must be from an English, social studies, math or science teacher.  Remember who you received letters of recommendation from.  You may need to request additional copies in the future for college or scholarship applications.
  • Under the Colleges Tab in Naviance are:  Scholarship Match, Scholarship List & National Scholarship Search to help you find scholarships for application.
  • Also under the Colleges Tab is:  College Search.  This tool will help to find schools that have programs in the career areas that you are interested in.
  • Ms. Odberg needs senior photos turned into him in room 129 in the fall.  She will be announcing a deadline date for pictures to be submitted.

To Research Careers, use Naviance and the following websites:

Choosing a College MN Guide

Assessments -  Help me figure out what I want to do for a career:

  • ISeek Skills Assessment
  • Naviance also has many assessments to help you determine your interests, an excellent college search engine, a scholarship list, and 2 scholarship search engines.  Method Test Prep is also going to be available on Naviance which is an excellent preparatory program for the ACT Test.


If you have questions, please contact Kris Baumgartner in the Counseling Office - room 101 or at or 612-668-1315.