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A Message to Edison Families Regarding Recent Shootings in our Country, State and City
Friday, July 1, 2016 10:35 PM


The last few days’ shootings in our country, our state and our city have, yet again, left us sick at heart and shaken in our sense of safety and our capacity for hope.

In this time of rage and grief, we want our friends and loved ones near us; we miss our Edison family, and we wish that we could be with you to process these tragic events together.

If we were in school, here are some thoughts we would share with students:

1. You are our future – your capacity to work with your classmates across lines of difference keeps those shaken hopes alive. You will do, and are doing, so much for our community and our country.

2. Stay curious and open – we practice inquiry and reflection regularly at school, and these skills are crucial when the stakes are high. With your parents and trusted adults, ask questions about media messages. Whose story is this? Who stands to profit? What are facts and where are they coming from? Remain open to views that are not your own. Have patience as you consume media, just as you would when speaking with someone whose views are different from your own.

3. Take care of yourselves and each other – notice and share your feelings with trusted family and friends. Expand the circle of people who you care for and who care for you. Here’s one way to get extra help if you need it:

We stand with you, we care for you, and we wish with all of our hearts for your safety, success, and happiness, now and in the future.

Your Tommie Teachers & Staff

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