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A New Year Begins
Friday, August 19, 2022 1:10 PM

This year, in honor of our 100th year anniversary, our annually selected T word is....TRADITION!  At Edison High School:

  • We belong to a rich tradition of greatness.

  • We bring and are honored for the traditions of our homes and cultures.

  • We are commited to disrupting traditions that cause harm.

We are looking forward to learning about Edison's traditions together this year, celebrating Edison's 100 year anniversary with a series of events in September, and sharing and hearing about the traditions of our diverse student body. 

YOU are invited to celebrate Edison's 100th with us! Most events take place over Homecoming weekend beginning on September 29th. See a Celebration Schedule and get your tickets on the ECSF website and check out a new Edison Bulb Story daily on the Edison Tommies Student Network


does this fire?!