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Advanced Academics at Edison
Monday, December 13, 2021 9:15 AM

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Through Advanced Academics at Edison High School, we want all students to have an experience that prepares them for the many opportunities after graduation. This includes preparation for college/trade school coursework, any workplace, and life beyond a career. Students will register for these courses in February of their sophomore year with a few exceptions. You are welcome to watch this short (5:38) VIDEO to learn more about the IB Programme, Edison Entrepreneurship Academy, and Concurrent Enrollment. Then complete THIS SURVEY to communicate your interests and share your questions. You can click the header for contact information.

Si tiene preguntas, favor de llamar a Christie Roiz-Guevara al 612-668-1307

Su’aalo hadi aad qabtid? Soo wac: Faduma Roble 612-668-1413

College Credit Programming Coordinator:

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