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Alexander Boyer

Welcome to my page.  I provide case management and instructional support for students receiving special education, primarily those identified with the educational label of Autism Spectrum Disorders.  I have taught students with autism at different age levels for 20+ years in the district.  I have teaching licenses in autism, emotional/behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, and mental retardation.  I have a National Board Certification in Special Education and my PhD from the University of Minnesota.  I work hard to align my teaching to grade level standards, to differentiate to meet student strengths, and to use ongoing progress data to revise my approach. 


I may be contacted by email or phone


Courses I teach typically include:
Social Success                  07421
Study Skills                        

Literacy                                07112

Syllabi for these courses are available here:

 My classroom  engagement plan is located here:


Some students I case manage receive math insturction from Ms. Shanda Copeland


Useful Tools:

Parent Portal

This is where you may log in to review your student's status on class assignments and practices.



Grade Portal

 This is where you go to see yourgrades

Google Classroom

Some classes use the Google Classroom online environment.  Students can login HERE from home


I may be contacted by email or phone


Teachnig Strategies:


The science of pedagogy for autism is well developed.  We know what strategies are proven to work for students wit hautism and which do not.  There are step-by-step procedures for these interventions.  I work to make sure your student's  day is not spent merely receiving help, which itself often leads to less independence, not more.  You can read about the range of teaching strategies provne to work with student with

autism here:

Research Supported Autism Intervnetions

These teaching procedures are much more effective for advancing a student with autism than simply helping them as you would a neurotypical student.  Some of the teching techniques are listed below:



Ziggurate Intervention System

 The Ziggurat Model is a research supported intervention framework for student with autism, it ensures that students get qusality programming all areas of functioning that are known the lead to independence as adults.  These are as follows:




 Teachers make sure that the kinds of help we provide one of the proven critical categories, and that all students spend time in places where they can receive these kinds of supports.  The bottom level of the pyramid is widest to show that because sensaory dsifficultuies can so completely disrupt thinknig, makring sure environment are no overwhelming is the most essential kind of suppport.








I may be contacted by email or phone