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All Students College Ready: ACT Test (9th-11th grades) and College/Career Knowledge Conference (seniors) - March 15, 2016
Monday, February 29, 2016 11:00 AM

All 9th-10th graders will be taking the Pre-ACT test and 11th graders will be taking the ACT test on March 15, 2016.
This same day, seniors will be attending the College/Career Knowledge conference hosted by Beacons and Achieve at the North Community YMCA.
This event is supported by a grant that was written by Edison Beacons seniors: Jerome Palmore, Daniel Khalaf, Dalene Stave, and Roz Anderson, Beacons coordinator.  Beacons was awarded $1,800 to plan an event dedicated to preparing seniors for college and post-secondary options.  “College Knowledge Day is designed to prepare Edison High School seniors to navigate the challenging transition after high school into college. There will be interactive workshops and activities to teach students about topics including financial aid, budgeting, registering for classes, living in a dorm, and social transitions. It will also connect students with Edison alumni, college representatives, and community members who can support them throughout their college journey,” stated Jerome Palmore, Daniel Khalaf, Dalene Stave and Roz Anderson.   Nora Guerin, Career & College Center Coordinator, has secured many presenters for these workshops.
After the ACT tests and College/Career Knowledge Conference, everyone comes together in the afternoon for a beach party hosted by Beacons which ends at 3 p.m.  
Get ready for the ACT Test - We have a library of Videos to help prepare for the ACT test

Overview of ACT Test Video


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