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Attendance- MPS Policy

***Please click here to find information on attendance during DISTANCE LEARNING***

To report a student absence, please call 612-668-1311 or send a written note along with your student to turn into the main office.

Students absent due to medial and/or dental appointments must provide a written note from the health care provider. Notes can be turned in directly to the main office.

**Beginning Tuesday, January 21, 2020, students must attend at least 4 class periods to be counted as present for the day. Students who attend fewer than four periods without an approved absence excuse will not be eligible for after school athletics or activities on the day of their absence. Click here to learn more about the new policy

Early Dismissal Procedure For Students

Students need to bring a note from a parent/guardian to the attendance office before school starts indicating the time and reason for his/her early dismissal. Students will receive a pass allowing them to leave class at the time specified on their pass. Students must present the pass and sign out at the security desk. If a note is not submitted, parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to call a day in advance to make the necessary arrangements.

Vacation/Extended Absences

Students who will be absent for more than 3 days must request an extended absence form from their counselor. Student, parent/guardian, teachers, counselor, and principal signatures are required at least 10 days in advance. Students must work with their teachers to develop a plan for make-up work. The completed extended absence form should be turned into the attendance office prior to the absence. 

Attendance Calls

Parents/guardians will receive an automated phone call stating if your student was marked absent or tardy in one or more classes during the school day. Therefore, it is important for your contact information to be current. Please contact the attendance office if you have any questions at 612-668-1311.

What are excused absences?

Health Care Appointments
Whenever possible, please schedule health care appointments before or after school. If you must schedule an appointment during school, the appointment will be excused only upon receiving a written note from the health care provider. 

Students are allowed up to 8 total absences a year or 3 days in a row due to illness. Additional absences due to illness may be excused only if you have developed a plan with the school nurse or you provide a written note from your child's health care provider. 

Religious Holidays/Cultural Observances 
If your child will be absent due to a religious holiday or cultural observance, you must notify the school in advance.

Students may be gone up to 4 days a year because of a funeral. If your child will be gone more than 4 days, you must get written approval for additional excused time from your social worker or principal. 

Family Emergency 
Students may be gone up to 3 days a year because of a family emergency. If your child will be gone more than 3 days, you must get written approval for additional time from a social worker or principal. 

Family Activity
A student may be gone up to 5 days from school for a pre-approved family activity.