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Writing Prompts

Music Listening Worksheet

Please reflect on the recording and answer ONE of the following questions when typing your journal entry.

Journal prompt choices:

1.  Who is the composer or artist, what do you know about them and how is that relevant to the piece?

2.  Which came first, the title or the music? What do you hear that relates the composition title to the sound of the music?

3.  What style (genre) of music is this?  How does it compare to other styles of music or other songs of the same genre?

4.  When was this song written?  How is this relevant to the composition?

5.  Did you enjoy the recording? Why or Why not? (Remember: Be specific and use complete sentences.)

6.  How will you use what you have heard to improve your own playing?

7.  What kinds of musical techniques does the musician/group use and are they effective? (See below)