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Billy Menz - EL Department Lead
Billy Menz


Here is my Weekly Class Schedule during Distance Learning.

My name is Billy Menz and I have nearly two decades of experience teaching with a foucs on English Learners and Math teaching, which are passions of mine.  This year will most definitely be a change of pace but I am excited to work with students and families to make our Distance Learning a strong success.  I will be teaching ALD 11 and supporting our EL students in Physics.  I also serve as the EL Lead in the building so please reach out with any/all questions EL at Edison. 

Working at Edison allows me to be a part of my community and help NE Minneapolis.  I live in the neighborhood and many of you might also find me around baseball fields.  I also serve as the JV Baseball coach at Edison and work in the parks to strengthen youth programming.  I look forward to getting to know our fresh group of students and building strong relationships to ensure student success.  Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.  

Thank you,

Billy Menz, MA in E.S.L.

EL Teacher and EL Department Lead

Edison High School, Room 210


PDF ALD 12 Syllabus   --  This document helps students understand the purpose of ALD 12 and the quarterly units that are the focus of instruction.
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