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My family!
My family!

About Me

Welcome to my class!  My name is Brandy Siddiqui and this is my fifth year of teaching, my first at Edison High School.  I currently teach Economics for 12th grade and 10th grade US History which is co-taught with Mrs. Tara Ferguson.  I graduated from the University of San Francisco with a BA in History, a US History emphasis, and an MA in Teaching.  I'm a West Coast girl, and have lived in Minnesota for the last six years.  

Outside of teaching, I love spending time with my fraternal twin daughters, Saadiyah & Khadijah (who are entering 4th grade this year!) and my husband of 12 years, Naveed.  My parents met during the Vietnam War, and so my father is White American (French, British, Norwegian and Romanian) and my mother is Vietnamese.  My husband's parents are from India.  We love to travel and spend time with our families.  




Economics is a great fundamental course for learning the basics of Mirco and Macro economics, and personal finance.  In this course we will use games, simulations, news stories, videos, projects and traditional practice sheets to help students learn the fundamental concepts guiding financial decisions at a local and global level.  This course will push students to take information and apply it that information to solve problems.  Economics IS a required course for graduation.  

My daughters and I in Dubai!
My daughters and I in Dubai!



US History (Humanities - Co-Taught with English 10)

This course is unique as it has two teachers teaching it.  Mrs. Tara Ferguson and myself are lesson planning and preparing materials to meet BOTH English 10 and US History requirements.  Our focus is to develop necessary literacy skills, work habits and organizational skills to ensure our students are getting the support they need, and are using their English reading and writing skills to learn the story of America.  We are teaching this course in themes, instead of the traditional chronological method, allowing us to revisit different periods in US history, several times before the year is over.  We will use primary and secondary texts, critical thinking skills, and communication skills through projects, presentations, group activities and research projects.  This method will also allow us to bring forward different stories; stories of People of Color, women and other minority groups throughout US History.  



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Economics/US History Teacher