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Civic Engagement Through Media

Civic Engagement through Media is a year long Individuals and Societies course that operates withing a community partnership between Thomas Edison High School and Minneapolis Television Network.  As a result of organization between these Northeast neighbors Edison can successfully uphold its mission to prepare caree ready students, and MTN can guarantee youth access, participation, and voice to professional media.  In doing so, students will explore what constitutes media, how to evaluate media, and why it is important to understand how we are influenced by media.  This exploration will occur in three distinct ways.  The first will be traditional, overt, standards based instruction and lessons.  The second will be thorugh our own media production and broadcast. This will serve a ciciv engagement for both our school community, as well as an opportunity to learn MTN certified career ready skills.  The final method will be through self-analysis and critique.  Statistical data will be collected and revied to prove our successes (or failures) as well as the power of narrative, voice, and media.  

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