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April 25

I can describe the history of the African American Civil Rights Movement.

 V 1-5

SA 1

April 26

I can explain the roots of the various Civil Rights Movements.

V 6-12

SA 2-3

April 27

I can identify leaders and tactics to overcome the obstacles encountered in the struggle for Civil Rights.


SA 4

April 28

I can explain tactics used to overcome the obstacles during the Civil Rights Movements.


SA 5

April 29

I can explain the role of key leaders and groups in the Civil Rights Movements.

V 25-29

SA 6-7

May 2

I can explain how the Civil Rights Movements connect to current events and concerns.


SA 8



May 3

I can evaluate the success of Kennedy’s Cold War maneuvers.

V 30-32

SA 9

May 4

I can analyze the feelings of distrust that emerged as a result of the Warren Report.

V 33-37

SA 9

May 5

I summarize the various programs initiated as a part of Johnson’s Great Society

V 38-43

SA 10


May 6

I can assess the impact, both positive and negative, of the Great Society.

V 43-46

SA 10

May 9

Exam Prep


May 10

Civil Rights and Great Society Exam

V 45-49

SA 8

May 11

Social Change, Distrust, and the Vietnam War


May 12



May 13



Civil Rights and the Great Society Prezi

Herstory of #BlackLivesMatter

video Roots of the Civil Rights Movement   --  Watch for background information on the history of segregation and the roots of the Civil Rights Movement.
document Daily Unit Questions Civil Rights and the Great Society   --  Due Friday May 6th for feedback.
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