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January 29

Seating Arrangements and Chromebook Checkout Procedures







January 30








January 31

The Open Boat in Class Reading and Set Up







February 1

The Open Boat







February 2

I can explain how, and with what results, Spain and Portugal turned the search for new seas routes into a grasp for empire.

V 1-8

Q 1-2

February 5

I can explain how geography impacted the emergence and rise of civilizations in the Americas.

V 9-13

Q 3

February 6

I can analyze ways in which each side viewed the other during and after European maritime expeditions.

V 14-15

Q 4

February 7

I can compare and contrast different forms of slavery and other non-free slavery systems.

V 16-19

Q 5


February 8

I can observe the challenges faced by people in

W. Africa in adapting to physical

& natural environments.

V 21-28


February 9

I can examine the various options that Catholics and Protestants took in their missionary efforts in different areas of the world.

V 20, 29-33

Q 6

February 12

I can analyze the different responses by the people of China and Japan to the worldwide exchanges.  

V34-37 Q7     

February 13

Clash of Civilizations Unit Review

February 14

Clash of Civilizations Exam

February 15

Clash of Civilizations Exam

February 16




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