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June 1

I can analyze the influence that the Cold War held over new states. 


SA: 1

V: 13-20


June 4

I can explain how competition between the US & the SU affected developments in Third World countries


SA: 2

V: 22-25

June 5

Final Exam Prep







June 6

Final Exam Prep






June 7

Final Exam






June 8

Final Exam 







Quizlet Vocab

Prezi Notes

**Scroll to "37" for Cold War in Eastern Europe 

Tito: Good, Bad, or Ugly?

document Daily Questions Cold War   --  Due Wednesday May 13th for feedback.
document Iron Curtain Speech   --  Abbreviated
document Mao vs. Shek   --  See reading distributed in class.
document Guatemalan Genocide   --  Statistics on the Mayan Indians caught in the midst of two super powers.
video Cold War Competition for 3rd World Countries   --  Please view this video for further explanation regarding your writing prompt for May 8th.
video Rights and Responsibilities in Vietnam   --  Please watch and answer the following OPINION question: Which is more important a corporations right to the free market or a citizens right to freedom of speech?
Yugoslavia Notes
does this fire?!