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Mathematics Department

Thomas Edison High School Math Department

The Edison High School Math Department is a group of professionals who are:

  • Caring, Aware and Responsive
  • Learners
  • Planned
  • Aligned and Consistent
  • Reflective

So that our students can maximize educational opportunities by:

  • Accessing and managing resources
  • Considering several strategies and solutions
  • Reading, writing and talking about math



document MYP Mathematics Curriculum   --  An overview of MYP units for mathematics
Course Offerings

We offer the core content areas: Intermediate Algebra, Geomety, and Advanced Algebra along with targeting Enlgish Language and Special Education support.  We believe in a model of mixed ability courses that support our emerging through advanced learners.

We offer several post-Advance Algebra courses from International Baccelaureate, dual enrollment courses with MCTC, and credit recovery support.

If you have questions about placement, please reach out to your teacher or to the Math Specialist: Sarah Gregg 

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