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Distance Learning
Thursday, March 19, 2020 11:30 AM


Distance Learning

These are unprecedented times.  As we all do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19, we are seeking ways to continue with some sense of normalcy.  Here’s what your Edison team can offer you for now.

From now through Friday, March 27, students CAN:

  1. Check student portal to look for any missing assignments.  Priority number one is to catch up in any classes where you may be falling behind.
  2. Prepare for assessments if you know what’s expected.
  3. Email your teacher for assignments or check out the Google Classroom or webpage for each of your classes. 
  4. Keep your brain active.  Read, do puzzles and math problems, watch educational programs and get outside for exercise (with safe, social distance).  Check out these enrichment opportunities on the MPS Distance Learning website. These activities were specifically designed for each grade level, so you know you are getting access to learning at your level. Families can also pick up an enrichment learning packet and school supplies at one of the food distribution centers around the city (note that centers will be added to Little Earth Community Center and Brian Coyle Neighborhood Center in Brooklyn Center).

After Spring Break (beginning April 6):

  • Whether we are back in school or staying connected from a distance, we will wrap up quarter 3 and help you find ways to get your end of quarter 3 grades where you want them to be.
  • Teachers are working right now on building Distance Learning lessons, activities and assessments for the end of quarter 3 and the start of quarter 4. There will be online and non-tech opportunities for students to continue earning credit toward graduation.
  • If you haven’t already, we recommend making sure you have access to Google Classroom, your school email (check in once or twice a day) and Naviance.  Find your teachers’ contact information on the Edison website. Forgot your password? Reset it HERE.
  • We know that many of you have at least one tech device in your family, but let us know if you won’t have regular access to technology that can adequately support your learning—the District should be sending out a phone and online survey soon, so you can report your needs.
  • Free temporary WiFi services in response to COVID-19: The City of Minneapolis is providing free WiFi in Minneapolis for those who may need temporary internet access during the COVID situation. Visit this webpage for more information.

We know that many of you are handling a lot right now.  You might be taking care of younger siblings, you or a family member may be sick, you might be working to support your family, and you may be feeling pretty stressed.  We are thinking about all of that as we consider the best way to keep you learning and earning credit, even if we aren’t back to school for a while.  We don’t want your learning to stop, but we know we need to work with you to make sure you are taken care of—now more than ever. Go, Tommies! 


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