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Drills and Emergency Information

Our student’s safety is our top priority. School routines can be affected by weather related events, national events and local or on-site emergencies. Edison High School utilizes the School Messenger system to communicate to parents via phone call and/or email in the event of an emergency.

Parents/guardians need to keep their contact information current and notify the school if there are any changes.

Regular safety drills are conducted throughout the school year. Practice drills include: fire, tornado, lockdown and evacuation.

Fire Drills
In order to assure the safety of our students, 5 fire drills are held throughout the school year. When the fire alarm sounds, the students and staff leave the building in a quiet, orderly fashion.

Tornado Drills
One tornado drill is held per school year. Students get in a crouched position in a designated safe area free of potentially falling debris and glass.

Lockdown DrillsThe lockdown drill could be a “code yellow” or a “code red”. A code yellow drill is an external lockdown. A code red is a full school internal and external lockdown. The goal is to maintain a safe environment for all our students.

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