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Edison Activity Council By-Laws

Edison Activity Council

Section 1. Name The name of the organization shall be “Edison Activity Council.”
The Edison Activity Council is located at Thomas Alva Edison High School, 700 22 nd
Ave. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418.
Section 2 Description
The Edison Activity Council shall be the unified voice representing student clubs,
organizations and athletic teams at Thomas Alva Edison High School (hereafter
known as “Edison”). The Edison Activity Council shall assist with the division of labor
for fundraising activities presented to the group.
The Edison Activity Council shall promote student participation in multiple sports and
clubs within the Edison student community, and promote the development of youth
within the boundaries and Edison High School, or the Eastside community.
Section 3 – Mission T he mission of Edison Activity Council is to foster a community
of local supporters, coaches/advisors, students, and their parents who support and
encourage one another in the maintenance of activities, increasing participation and
excellence in the Edison community.
Section 1 M
embership is open to all parents or guardians of students attending
Edison High School, their athletic feeder schools, Marcy and Northeast Middle,
community members, and teachers/staff/coaches of Edison. There shall be one vote
per membership. Members are allowed to vote at their 2nd meeting in a school year.
There are no membership dues.
Section 1 – Executive Board.
a. The officers of the Edison Activity Council Executive Board shall consist of a
Chair, ViceChair,
Secretary, and Treasurer.
b. Officer positions can be shared or cochaired
with one vote per member.
c. Officers shall be elected annually in the month of September.
d. The outgoing chair shall be invited to serve as an advisor to the Executive Board
for one year in order to ensure continuity.
Section 2 – Qualifications. Any Edison Activity Council member may become an
Section 3 – Term of Office.
a. The newly elected officers shall assume their duties immediately and shall
serve for a term of one year or until the election of their successors.
Section 4 – Vacancy. A vacancy occurring in any office shall be filled by a majority
vote of all remaining members of the Executive Board. If the office of Chair becomes
vacant, the Vice Chair shall assume the duty for the remainder of the term, or until the
office is filled.
Section 5 – Removal from Office. B y a twothirds
(2/3) vote of the entire
membership a nd after reasonable notice, an officer may be removed from office for
failure to perform duties.
Section 1 – Executive Board – Duties. Transact necessary business in the intervals
between general membership meetings, develop the Edison Activity Council’s budget,
establish and oversee committees to conduct the work of the Edison Activity Council,
establish fundraising programs, and approve by majority vote of the Board
unbudgeted expenditures of no more than $200. Expenditures over $200 must be put
to a vote of the membership.
Section 2 Chair
– Duties. P reside at General Membership and Executive Board
meetings, serve as the official representative of the Edison Activity Council, and retain
all official records of the Edison Activity Council.
Section 3 Vice
Chair Duties.
Liaison between committees and the Board.
Section 4 Secretary
– Duties. Prepare agendas with the assistance of the Chair
and record and distribute minutes for the General Membership and Executive Board
meetings. Manage communications and marketing for the Edison Activity Council,
including Edison Activity Council newsletters, email broadcasts, website, facebook,
bulletin boards, etc.
Section 5 Treasurer
– Duties. Serve as custodian of all Edison Activity Council
funds, collect revenue, deliver reports to the Edison Activity Council and hold all
Edison Activity Council financial records.
Section 1 Executive
Board Meetings. The Executive Board shall meet prior to the
general membership meeting. Special meetings may be called by the Chair or by a
majority of the members of the Board.
Section 2 – General Membership Meetings Frequency. Regular meetings of the
Edison Activity Council shall be held at least bimonthly
during the school year or as
designated by the Executive Board.
Section 3 – Quorum. General Membership Meetings – Five (5) members shall
constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any general membership
Executive Board Meetings Two
(2) Executive Board members shall constitute a
quorum for the transaction of necessary business and/or approval of routine bills in the
intervals between general membership meetings.
Section 4 – Parliamentary Authority. E dison Activity Council meetings shall be
conducted on the basis of consensus. The most recent revision of Robert’s Rules of
Order may govern the procedure at meetings at the discretion of the meeting chair, or
by an affirmative vote of a majority of the members present.
Section 1 – Fiscal Year. T he fiscal year of the Edison Activity Council shall be from
October 1 through September of the following year.
Section 2 – Banking. All funds will be kept in the Edison Activity Council bank
account. The Chair and Treasurer will have access to the account.
Section 3 – Reporting. All financial activity shall be recorded in a computerbased
manual accounting system. The Treasurer shall reconcile the account(s) monthly and
report all financial activity monthly. The Edison Activity Council shall arrange an
independent review of its financial records each year.
Section 4 Activity
T he Edison Activity Council will maintain separate
financial lineitems
for each Edison club or team participating in the Edison Activity
Council. Edison clubs or teams may initiate independent fundraising activities to
contribute toward their independent financial lineitem.
These monies may be used
toward purchases of the club or team's choice. The financial activity of clubs and
teams shall be included in the treasurer's report to the general membership with
documentation provided, but the Edison Activity Council board or general membership
may not determine how each club or team spends their funds, as long as they conform
to state and federal law and benefit Edison students. All funds must be spent on the
benefit of Edison students or to promote their activity within the larger community and
the Edison Activity Council Board may reject expenses whose purposes do not match
this goal.
Section 5 Edison
Activity Council General Funds. T he Edison Activity Council will
maintain a general fund for purposes of the entire council, and to benefit youth sport
teams within the boundaries of Edison High School. The Edison Activity Council may
organize fundraisers for the general fund; additionally, 3% of individual team or club
fundraising profits will go toward the general fund.
Section 6 Distribution
of General Funds. G eneral funds may be spent by a vote of
the majority of membership at a general meeting. An application will be required for
the benefit of youth athletics or student activities outside administrative expenses for
the Edison Activity Council.
Section 7Disbanded
Clubs or Teams. The financial lineitems
of any team or club
will revert to the Edison Activity Council's general funds.
Section 8– Contracts. Authority to sign contracts is limited to the Chair or the Chair’s
Committees shall be created by the Executive Board as needed, or by action taken at
a general membership meeting, to promote the purpose and interests of the
organization. The need for specific committees will be reviewed annually.
The chairpersons of each committee shall present their plans to the membership and
a yearly report to their successors. No committee work shall be undertaken without
the approval of the Executive Board. The chairpersons shall report on committee
activities to the monthly and at the general membership meetings as necessary.
Amendments to the bylaws may be proposed by any Edison Activity Council member.
Amendments presented at a Edison Activity Council General Meeting shall be
considered for voting at a subsequent meeting. Twothirds
(2/3) approval of all
members present and voting is required to adopt an amendment to the bylaws.
These Bylaws were adopted by the Edison Activity Council on __________________.
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