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Edison Celebrates 2013 School Year with 3rd Annual Convocation
Tuesday, October 1, 2013 8:00 AM

Principal Address

Edison celebrated the start of the school year with our 3rd annual Convocation ceremony. The ceremony is intended to bring the academic community together and serve as a platform from which scholarly endeavor can be launched. The converging of faculty and staff walking across campus to the central meeting place is meant to convey the educational journey and the partnership between educators and students as they embark together on this solemn endeavor. The wearing of the academic regalia, the cap, gown and collar remind and point toward the common goal of graduation and of the striving toward higher education.  The ceremony consisted of: Principal Address - Carla Steinbach, Graduation Address - 2013 alum Candace Bunyan, Flag ceremony, presentation of the classes, musical performances by vocalist Nancy Chang – Edison Senior, Edison Concert Band and Edison Staff Choir.

Edison Convocation 2013
does this fire?!