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Edison Debate Turns Up at UMBrooks Invitational
Monday, November 20, 2017 3:20 PM

Edison’s Debate Team shined at last weekend’s UMBrooks Invitational at the University of Minnesota.

Margret Ritschel and Paris Cook earned a 2nd place team award in the varsity category! This is an impressive accomplishment. Not only did they succeed as competitors this week, but their teammates also say they’ve made a real difference as mentors. 


“Anab [my partner] and I would know nothing about debate if it wasn’t for Paris and Margret,” says novice debater Nora Nederloe. “At least one of them was there for every debate practice. They were always there to teach us.” 


Edison’s Debate Team is supported by Coaches Josiah Ferguson, Raederle Sterling, Jessica Scott, and Kent Gillespie.


So, if you see any Debate Team members or coaches, be sure to congratulate them on a great turnout!

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