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Edison High School Outdoor Club!
2013-2014 Outdoor Club Outings
Edison Outdoor Club Scale the Rocks at Taylors Falls
Saturday, October 11, 2014 8:15 PM

On a banner fall day, Edison Outdoor Club members had a wonderful time climbing the boulders and rock faces at Interstate State Park in Taylors Falls, MN.  Students met at Edison at 9AM.  After a short, but fun bus ride, the gang found themselves in Taylors Falls.  Mr. Baum, a Club sponsor and the Edison Chinese teacher,, quickly set-up the climbs, while the other Club sponsor, Edison English teacher Mr. Strand, led the group through safety and climbing etiquette training, such as leaving no trace and not blocking trails. 

Students then got to work attacking the boulders and rock faces.  All students summited climbs.  Ivy, John, and Torin made quick work of many boulder problems.  While Nai, Charlie, and Rocket completed a difficult face climb 60' tall!  Chue, Brayden, and Lai were also in on the action.  At lunch time, the students ate packed lunches.  Some went into town with Mr. Strand, where they fueled up on burgers and ice cream.  Once back in the park, the students went right back at it, climbing until the bus returned at 4:00PM.  It was a quiet, content ride back, as students were tired from such a fun, thrilling day. 

The Outdoor Club would like to thank David Riewe, a friend of Brayden's family, for helping chaperone the trip.  We would also like to thank the Edison administration for funding the bus.  Thanks also goes to the Minnesota Climbing Co-operative for providing climbing shoes.  Last but not least, much thanks goes to the staff at Interstate State Park for allowing us to climb! 

To see photos of the outing, click here.  And be sure to stay up-to-date on Outdoor Club news as we gear up for next month's outing: hiking at Willow River State Park!  Contact Mr. Baum or Mr. Strand for details.  You can find Mr. Baum in Room 113, Mr. Strand in Room 211.  Go Tommies!