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Edison’s Green Council Takes an Active Role in Saving Energy
Thursday, April 24, 2014 5:10 PM


This past November, six light sculptures created by sculptor, James Brenner were installed on the SE corner of Edison High School’s parking lot (across the street from Jackson Square Park). These light sculptures are made of steel, glass, fiber-optic lighting, and LED lamp and connect to a wireless data management system. The lamps change color to represent the how much energy the neighborhood saves through the Center for Energy and Environment’s (CEE) programs.

Holland Neighborhood has challenged Edison’s Green Council to add more members to flip the switch. You do not have to live in the neighborhood to do this.  You need to work or live in the NE neighborhood to join our team. See the instructions (PDF file) at the bottom of this post. 

Please support green council by signing up to change the light sculpture colors, save energy, and adding members beyond our neighborhood group. This will take less than 3 minutes!  You will be given options as to how you can save energy and it will show you the amount of money you are saving for the environment. This is FREE and there are no fees involved.  
Why You Should Do It
Why spend electricity when no one gets to use it?  Leaving lights on in empty rooms and electronics plugged in when no one is using them is a big source of wasted electricity in Minnesota homes.  Phantom load - the constant electricity leak of electronics left plugged in - costs our nation over $4 billion a year in wasted electricity! This project brings awareness to our energy usage while educating us how to better conserve energy.

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