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Edison's New Agriculture Program Opens Doors for Student Internships and Possible Career Opportunities
Monday, December 14, 2015 11:00 AM

Meet Edison’s Spark-Y coordinator, Curtis Wilson and Executive Director Zachary Robinson. This year, Edison has partnered with Spark-Y to implement an urban agriculture program at Edison called EASY PRO - Edible Agricultural School Yard Professional.  The curriculum gives students a hands-on opportunity to learn how to construct and maintain aquaponics, vermicomposting, and zero waste systems-see the article published in the Northeaster newspaper - p.3. This program is an integral part of Edison’s current green initiative and campus improvements which includes construction of a greenhouse and community garden this spring. These spaces will be used as outdoor labs for our students with the hope of using the produce from the community garden as well as next year's aquaponics production facility in the school cafeteria. (Check out MPS' Garden to Cafeteria program!
This program also opens doors for student internships and possible future job opportunities in the Northeast community and at Spark-Y. Curtis Wilson is the Lead Education Facilitator here at Edison and has been a part of the Spark-Y program for over 5 years. He first became interested in Spark-Y after returning from Mexico where he studied Permaculture and transdisciplinary school transformation techniques. He continues to work with Permaculture in the Twin Cities bio-region while also being a Certified Mediator and Spanish language interpreter.  Curtis hopes to impart a little wisdom and instill a whole bunch of hope in the future global leaders as they perfect the skills necessary to build a sustainable future. 
As a part of the Operations Team at Spark-Y, Curtis also works together with his amazing colleagues in educating our students and giving them real-world applications of sustainability, entrepreneurship, construction, science and math.
Spark-Y Program
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