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Edison Student Wins the 2013 PeaceMaker Award
Tuesday, October 1, 2013 10:50 AM

Nominated for Peacemaker Award 2013

Nailah Heard wins the PeaceMaker Award for her leadership role in preventing youth violence and promoting peace. She attended a special recognition event with Mayor Rybak as part of the mayor’s open house in City Hall on Wednesday, June 12th. The cash prize of $1,000 goes directly to Edison to be used for future crime prevention activities. She was previously recognized for her leadership role in Project Re-connect Youth.  

The PeaceMaker awards are an opportunity to recognize Minneapolis teachers and youth who are making strides to combat youth violence and foster community peace. The PeaceMaker awards are an initiative of the Minneapolis Youth Violence Prevention Week which is a national public education campaign featuring activities and events to call attention to the issue of youth violence, identify strategies to combat this public health epidemic, and promote the positive role adults and youth can have in making their communities and schools safer.

The award recognizes Minneapolis’ teachers who are working towards implementing strategies related to the Minneapolis Blueprint for Action to prevent youth violence, teaching kids nonviolent ways to resolve their problems, as well as youth who are engaging other youth and their peers in positive activities to steer them away from possible violence.

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