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Edison Student Participates in the Mayors’ Challenge: The Great Transportation Debate
Thursday, May 16, 2013 10:50 AM

Mayor Challenge Debate: Transportation
picture by Stephen Geffre

Sheldon Samuelson, Edison debate team member and part of the Minnesota Urban Debate League along with another Minneapolis student joined in debating with two St. Paul students regarding the public transportation policy. Minneapolis students won the debate. This fundraising event supports the Urban Debate League’s expansion into more high schools and middle schools. The Minneapolis school district will be investing $100,000 in debate programming next year. Mayors Chris Coleman and R.T. Rybak along with Transportation Commissioner Charles Zelle were the judges. Minneapolis board members Jenny Arneson and Rebecca Gagnon  showed their support at this event. Through the Urban Minnesota Debate League, incoming first-year students at Augsburg will receive the total cost of tuition (does not include fees, room, or board) through grants if they meet the following criteria:
• ACT of 20 or higher
• Cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher
• Pell Grant eligible
• Debate for 3 or more years for a MNUDL partner high school
Recently this story was featured in the star/tribune

Mayor Challenge Debate - Transportation

picture by Stephen Geffre

does this fire?!