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Edison Students Create One-of-a-Kind Advertisement and Raises Funds to Support Edison's Campus Improvements
Friday, December 4, 2015 6:20 AM

Take note of the Northeaster newspaper (p.11 – November 18, 2015).  The Big E ad was delivered to over 30,000 locations.  It has been referenced and shared numerous times on social media and the ad itself circulated City Hall.  The 18 Edison students in the ad coordinate the project and should take pride in completing it.  The feat won’t likely be duplicated anywhere else in the country anytime soon.  How many other public high schools have published a full page ad in a broadly distributed newspaper in recent years?  The answer is more than likely zero.  These Edison students made it happen!
The ad wouldn’t have been possible without the 17 businesses and Ward 1 Alderman that sponsored it.  You’ll note the Edison students were wise to note as much.  Nice job setting it up for future Tommies!  This is yet another event that can be a template for student initiative.  It’s important to note that the funds donated by the sponsors exceeded the cost of the ad by $1,100.  The Edison students plan to publish several more ads and leverage the dollars into a campus improvement yet to be determined by these students.  
Edison students worked closely with the Edison Community & Sport’s Foundation to bring awareness to Edison’s cutting edge programming, campus improvements and partnerships with several well-known organizations.  Great things have been happening at Edison and the students, businesses and organizations recognized the importance of spreading the word!
Edison has been on the green path for the past several years and is well on the way to becoming one of the greenest campuses in the United States. Renovations to Edison’s parking lot and athletic field are just the beginning of this transformation. New programming such as Spark-Y (Urban Agriculture) will have an on-site greenhouse and production lab giving students a hands-on approach to basic concepts in agriculture. This new program brings design, engineering and science concepts to the lab-based classrooms and outdoor campus.  
The Edison community along with the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization, Xcel Energy, Sundial Solar, Minnesota Vikings, Center for Energy & Environment and the Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association are key sponsors to Edison’s campus renovations and new programming opportunities for these great students.  
Click on the link to see the big E ad to learn more about these programs. (The link will be a PDF file of the big E)   
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