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Edison Students Participate in “Reality Rides” a National Campaign Tour
Thursday, September 12, 2013 1:00 PM

Reality Rides

Students from our Physical Education and Health classes experienced the dangers of driving while texting. UNITE has teamed up with Allstate Insurance for a distracted driving prevention simulator tour called Reality Rides. This group visited Edison with an actual vehicle simulator for our students to participate in “virtual reality driving” while texting.  Students who were not in the simulator could view how texting and driving impacted the driver by watching it on the Tron screen.

Edison students had the opportunity to take the pledge against texting and driving by leaving their thumb print on a white sheet which will be taken to other sites around the country. They also received a thumb ban “texting kills” as a reminder of the dangerous of texting and driving. This tour will be visiting approximately 20 different locations around the country (schools, state capitols, and community events) educating people about the dangers of distracted driving. Jessica Braun and Maria Kimmes made arrangements for this tour to visit Edison.

Maria Kimmes, Physical Education and Health Content Lead for Minneapolis Public Schools, stated
 “This was a great experience! We heard lots of positive educational comments from kids”. A clip of this event was aired on Channel 5 on Tuesday. Here is the link -

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