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Edison Students Volunteer and Perform at the NE Harvest Gathering
Tuesday, November 26, 2013 12:35 PM

NE Harvest - student volunteers

The NE Harvest Gathering brought together community members, MPS district, MPS northeast schools, students and families. This event gave everyone the opportunity to get to know one another, learn about school and community initiatives and strengthen partnerships. Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson was the keynote speaker. Edison and Northeast Middle School students had the opportunity to volunteer and perform at this event. Northeast Middle School held a band/choir concert prior to this event while Edison's theater program performed a segment from Edison's upcoming musical "The Music Man" (Max and Stacey Athorn, Theater Production Directors and Edison students Genevieve Benson Ni Cheallachain, Alberto Zangano, Kevin Cheng, and Liam Temple-Davis, and Alyson Westerhaus, Student Public Relations Coordinator). Edison student volunteers (Jenny Astudillo, Nelly Barban, Bill Brown, Pa Lor, Brianna Jackson, Angela Brooks and Nicole Idrovo, Clara Dunnwald, Charlie Pratt and Liam Temple-Davis) helped with set-up, serving dessert platters and leading conversations at tables. 

NE Harvest Gathering
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