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October 19

I can analyze the expansionist and foreign policies of the U.S government.

SA 1

V 1-4


October 20

I can analyze how redefinition of borders provided land for settlement and resulted in political conflict.

SA 1

V 5-8    

October 21

I can summarize the impact of removal (Trail of Tears) of Indigenous Nations in the early 1800’s.

SA 2

V 5-8

October 22

Andrew Jackson or Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill Debate




October 23

I can describe the resistance methods used by slaves for survival and uprisings.

SA 3-4

V 9-18

Personal Project Research Day Two


October 26

I can compare and contrast the economies, societies, and politics of the North and South.

SA 4-5

V 19-28

October 27

I can analyze the political changes that resulted in the: expansion/restriction of voting rights and political parties.. 

SA 5-6

V 29-35

October 28

I can analyze how political and economic debates resulted in Southern Secession.

SA 6-7

V 36-41


October 29

No School





October 30

No School





November 2

I can assess the impact of the Civil War on the North and the South.

SA 7-8

V 42-47

     November 3
I can explain the need for reconstruction in the South.

SA 8-9

V 48-54          

November 4

I can evaluate the successes and failures of the Reconstruction era.
SA 10-11

V 55-58

November 5

Expansion, Crisis, and Reform Unit Review



November 6

Expansion, Crisis, and Reform Unit Exam



Quizlet Vocabulary

Prezi Notes

Do you think President Andrew Jackson should be taken off the $20 Bill? - Following the in class debate, please cast your final vote on this public poll.  Please note that the poll is at the bottom of the article and that the article highly favors replacement.  Determine your opinion through your critical thought from the debate. 

Personal Project Research Day Two

document Daily Questions Expansion Crisis and Reform   --  Due Wednesday November 4th by the end of the hour.
video Andrew Jackson's Expansion, Crisis, and Reform   --  Watch this clip regarding the Jackson Presidency. After watching, click on the October 20th link and take the poll of whether or not you think Jackson should remain on the $20 or not.
video War of 1812   --  Please watch and use to answer short answers #2 and #3.
video Manifest Destiny Expansion through KS Crisis   --  Use to help with Short Answers 3-6.
video Brief Synopsis of the Civil War   --  Use to help complete short answer questions 7,8, and 9.
video Radical Reconstruction   --  Use to answer short answers 9 & 11.
document Unit Study Guide   --  Not an assignment, however, a list of what is fair game for the test .
video Essay Help   --  Use to help structure, outline, and organize your essay.
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