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Edison High School Outdoor Club!
2013-2014 Outdoor Club Outings
Fall & Early Winter Recap: Climbing, Biking, Skiing, Ice Skating, Activism!
Friday, January 19, 2018 7:35 AM

Climate Change Activism Info Session with Climate Generation (and support from YMCA Beacons)
Climate Change Activism Info Session with Climate Generation (and support from YMCA Beacons)

Over here at the super top secret Outdoor Club headquarters (aka Ms. Hoemke's room), it's been a few months since our last update.  


  • We hit up the MN Climbing Coop for some pebble wrestling.  We had a good turnout.  There was some climbing, some pull up contests, and maybe a little 5 minute abs (who would have thought??). 


  • Thanks to the Loppet Foundation, we added mountain biking to our ever-growing list of activities.  We spent one skills day at Edison, then another day hitting the trails at Theor Wirth park.  For our last event, we visited the River Bottom trails.  Suffice to say, mountain biking is now a part of Outdoor Club.  Yay!

December & January

  • With winter upon us, Mr. Strand led the charge as we hit the cross country ski scene.  Again, our friends from the Loppet Foundation (Andy Harris, anyone? Thanks, Andy!) were there for support and encouragement.  Even despite sub-zero temps, we still got out three times.  Check out the sweet video the Loppet Foundation made below!
  • Just this week, we visited Logan Park for a laid back, fun-filled ice skating
    Ice skating at Logan Park
    Ice skating at Logan Park
    event.  Many Edison students showed up, several of whom are not regular Outdoor Club event attendees.  Getting new folks outside -- that's what we are all about!
  • Lastly, we teamed up with our friends at Climate Generation to host an information session about climate change activism.  Big thanks to Jason Rodney at Climate Change and Roz Anderson at YMCA Beacons for helping put on this event.  We are now in the midst of a two-week climate change activism challenge.  Each student is competing to get as many green points as possible.  She can earn a point by walking or biking to school, using a water bottle, choosing a vegetarian meal, or turning off unused lights in the house.  Let's see how many points we can get!

That's all for now.  Check the announcements slides for details on upcoming events.