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Greetings from the Fine Arts Department!


The Visual Art area at Thomas Edison High School provides students with a variety and depth of arts experience that can be used to complete the year-long fine arts requirement and prepare students to be creative and innovative thinkers in a 21st century world. In addition to beginning, intermediate and advanced level coursework, there are many exceptional opportunities available for students including: Art-a-Whirl; Viva City downtown library art show; Yearly mural projects; and National ART Honor Society.

Drawing/Painting I (6191), II (6192)
Course Duration: Semester
Course Description: Students will develop basic technique and elements of drawing including drawing from observation; gain an understanding of the historic role of drawing in visual art; develop a working visual language and core artistic vocabulary; critique and make revisions to their work; and develop an awareness of good composition. Students will study the history of painting in multiple cultures; use the create process and create paintings in a variety of styles; learn and apply the basic principles of color theory; explore a variety of painting media and techniques including watercolor and acrylics; use artistic foundations to develop quality paintings; participate in class critique; and revise work accordingly.

Art and the Community (6051P)
Course Duration: Semester
Course Description: In this introductory class, we will focus on the idea of collaborative and public art to fulfill the Thomas Edison mission statement.  We will achieve this by reaching out to artists in the community and school, offering fresh opportunities for our students to work with each other and working artists in the Northeast area.  The community work will accompany instruction in the foundations and principles of 2- and 3-dimensional art.  This will encourage Thomas Edison students to express themselves inside and outside of the traditional media both independently and collaboratively by working on school-wide art projects, collaborative installations, and murals. 

Field Trips & Extracurricular Activities
The Fine Arts Department believes learning does not only occur in the classroom. To that end, the Department takes students on field trips, exposing them to the Twin Cities arts community.  For an example of a field trip, click here learn about a field trip to the Highpoint Printmaking Center.  For an example of an extracurricular activity, click here to check out the Edison Theatre.


Fine Arts Department staff: Stacey Athorn, Rachel Hoemke, Krista Marino, Leslie Earles
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