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Global Contexts

The MYP Global Contexts give context to the learning we do in all subject areas.  These themes come up in every class, which helps us make connections between subjects, ask meaningful questions, and see how our learning fits into the bigger picture.  They also play an important role in the MYP Personal Project that all Edison students do in 10th grade.  The MYP Personal Projects guide says that the Global Contexts "direct our learning toward independent and shared inquiry into our common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet" (20).

Global Contexts and their focus questions:

Identities and Relationships: Who am I?  Who are we?

Orientation in Space and Time: What is the meaning of “where” and “when”?

Personal and Cultural Expression: What is the nature and purpose of creative expression?

Scientific and Technical Innovation: How do we understand the world in which we live?

Globalization and Sustainability: How is everything connected?

Fairness and Development: What are the consequences of our common humanity?


(From MYP: From Principles into Practice)

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